"It's not possible to learn to live with Covid-19"


Dr Hyde explains:-

I won’t sugar-coat things. This is a disaster.

People vaccinated with 2 doses of the Pfizer-BNT vaccine likely have no protection against infection with the omicron strain. Protection after 3 doses has likely taken a big hit as well.

What it means for severe disease is unclear.

There are similar data from South Africa.

Antibodies collected from people vaccinated with 2 doses of the Pfizer-BNT vaccine fare poorly against the omicron variant, although vaccinated people with a previous infection fared better.

But getting infected still isn’t a good idea!


The key question now, is what this means for protection against severe disease.It’s unlikely to have been lost, but some reduction seems inevitable, particularly for those vaccinated with only 2 doses.

We already know that breakthrough infections can put people in hospital, and almost everyone vaccinated with two doses is probably at high risk of a breakthrough infection now.

Many people who’ve received 3 doses will also be at risk.


The omicron variant does not have to cause more severe disease for this to be a big problem.Because it appears to be extremely contagious, we can expect a huge number of people to become infected (if we don’t take action to prevent this).

Even if only a small proportion become unwell enough to need hospitalisation, this could still break healthcare systems.

A small proportion of a large number of infections is still a big number.

Remember that breakthrough cases can also get long COVID.

So what can we do? A vaccine matched to the omicron strain is essential, but that will take time to manufacture and distribute.We need a solution now.Fortunately, high-quality masks still work. As does better ventilation, rapid testing, contact tracing, and quarantine.

Governments should fund the mass-production & distribution of KF-94, FFP2, and N95 masks.

Cloth & surgical masks aren’t good enough anymore.

In lieu of governments stepping up, citizens who can afford to buy a better mask should do so. See this guide:


Ultimately, we need to address the policy failures that have led to this situation.It is not possible to learn to live with COVID-19.This is a recipe for endless waves of disease, ruined economies, social unrest, and loss of civil liberties.#SayNoToEndemicity


I want to end by emphasising what people can do NOW to stay safe.

First, get your 3rd vaccine dose as soon as you’re eligible.

Second, get a better mask. Surgical masks really don’t cut the mustard anymore.

Get yourself a KF-94, FFP2, or N95 mask today.