235 Days on the Indieweb; something changed

It has been 235 days ago when I subscribed to my first Known powered site and a lot has happened since. Let me take you back 235 days and relive my journey that led to the current state; social media almost removed and fully independent social publishing. The tagline of my site “my consolidated home on the internet” was never more true than nowadays. It really is my consolidated home and I have torn apart most of my social media presence and turned it into something much richer and nicer. I now can proudly state I’m a truly independent member of the indieweb.

I already explained my reasons to start with Known and the indieweb. Since my first baby steps on the indieweb a lot has happened;

  • I moved from hosted to self-hosted, on my own rented space on a shared server
  • I soon added another site for my wife
  • I added TLS (https) so both myself and all other communication can now be done securely (one of the main reasons to switch from WithKnown hosted service to self-hosting)
  • I added various new post types likes Recipes and Reviews
  • Checking the indieweb reader Woodwind has replaced my daily ‘updates’
  • By setting up notifications on my own site and letting brid.gy backfeed comments, likes, replies, favorites etc. I have installed each and every social media app from my phone and saved a lot of battery use, speed and annoyance
  • Because of a recent plugin called Reactions, Kyle Mahan wrote I now send likes to other indieweb compatible websites and occasionally repost articles/notes/updates/photos other people published
  • Suffice to say, my site is now my primary place to go, together with Woodwind and I no longer check Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr or Medium for updates. I have been on a quest to simplify my web presence and ban most (if not all) social media activity. Tantek wrote a nice article about his quest to replace silo’s with his own site, also for private posts.

I’m planning on doing so as well, though first the problem of “visibility” needs to be solved. I tested a while with no syndication, just my site and views dropped dramatically and interaction went to zero. It turns out people do not (yet) use other means of staying up to date. They open Facebook and expect the internet to be handed to them. What is not on Facebook, does not exists for them.

Going forward

With Tantek and various others experimenting and eventually building features to basically create my very own open social network of independent sites (and people behind them) that can operate both publically like it does today as privately within the boundaries I set, like family or friends only, I think the future will be much better and less distracting then the current Silo based social networks. Also it feels great to own my content and to be able to set the rules myself. If I’m not mistaken Known is heading in that direction as well.

One day my family and friends will have their own (hosted) site and be able to see all of their friends’ updates without leaving their own environment. It will be without any distraction and tailored explicitly for them. Then we all will be free from the corporate web.